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Access to quality care is a human right. Our mission is to ensure that all trans and gender nonconforming people receive culturally competent service.

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Provider evaluation is vetted against a series of criteria to meet a minimum cultural competency in transgender needs.

Our Providers

  • Actively work with the trans community
  • Attend relevant workshops or trainings
  • Have a non-discrimination policy that includes gender identity
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Meet the team!

Founder & Executive Director

Kade Clark is a trans guy and operations manager in NYC. He loves problem-solving, list-making, tiny houses, and craft beer.

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Amelia Gapin is a trans woman and software engineer at a major blogging and social media company you know and love in NYC. She is also a marathon runner, wife, mother to three cats, and a bagel snob.

Co-founder & Chief Design Officer

Robyn Kanner is a trans woman and designer in Seattle, WA. She loves bikes, breakfast, and feelings.

Team Member Name

Alex Baldwin

Our community is vast and diverse. We invite you to share your experience with us so that MyTransHealth can be effective for everyone.